CUVÉE No. 4 | Alsace

CUVÉE Magazine No. 4 | ALSACE puts a spotlight on the region of Alsace and its terroir diversity. In this edition you can sip right from the glasses of Alsace, story by story, to explore the highlights, shades and contrasts of the region – far from the omnipresent colorful studwork architecture cramped into picturesque villages full of uninspired traditional tourist kitsch. Inspired by the outlines that a few pioneers and visionaries had drawn in the past, a new generation is just coloring in a new picture of Alsace, using the well-studied nuances of their almost intimidating terroir diversity and framing the artwork with a new dynamic and widely implemented organic farming practices. The Magazine uncorks numerous bottles of Alsace wines throughout the fourth issue and tells the remarkable stories of a fine selection of wines, their provenance and the people who have marked them.



Domaine Schoffit | Explosive Wines from Volcanic Soils


Agathe Bursin | The Pursuit of Tractors and Wine


Domaine du Clos St. Landelin | One Clos Many Nuances


Domaine Barmès-Buecher | Family Forces


Domaine Josmeyer | Taming Fires and Horses


Domaine Albert Boxler | An Amphitheater of Granite Precision


Domaine Weinbach | Gentle Nobility


Domaine Albert Mann| A Patchwork of Terroirs and Family Roots


Domaine Marc Tempé | Wine with Tempérament


Domaine Marcel Deiss | Breaking Boundaries 


Domaine Beck-Hartweg | A Natural Sense of Place 


Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss | Return to the Future


Domaine Zusslin | High Vibrations from Vineyard to Glass


Domaine Jean-Louis Mann | A Wider Ground


Domaine Frédéric Mochel | Next Stop: Bergbieten 


Domaine Sylvie Spielmann | The Smallest Grand Cru in Alsace 


Domaine Rolly-Gassmann | Tropical Island in the North of France 


Domaine Ostertag | The Art of Writing Liquid Poetry 


… and more stories