CUVÉE No. 2 | Chablis

CUVÉE Magazine No. 2 puts a spotlight on the region of Chablis | Burgundy and its stories of chardonnay that can’t be compared to any other chardonnay made in this world. The region has far more to reveal than the perfect white wine for oysters: it has created a wider range of wines and styles than most people know, yet never loses its unique character and soul. CUVÉE Magazine uncorks numerous bottles of Chablis throughout the second issue and tells the remarkable stories of a fine selection of wines, their provenance and the people who have marked them.



The Spirit of the Emblematic Climats


Domaine Vincent Dauvissat | A Deeper Link to the Soils


Domaine Raveneau | The Humble Legend of Chablis


Domaine Jean-Paul & Benoît Droin | Five Centuries of Terroir Knowledge


Domaine Eleni & Edouard Vocoret | New Visions for Old Family Vineyards


Domaine Louis Michel | Steely Attitude


Domaine Christian Moreau | Mouth-Watering Chablis with a Natural Force


Château de Béru | Starting Over in Béru


Domaine Clotilde Davenne | Eradicating Prejudices


Domaine Guilhem Goisot | The Underrated Whites of Saint-Bris


Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard | Changing Old Traditions


Patrick Piuze | The Wine Scientist


Les Piliers Chablisiens | The Guardians of Wine Culture


… and more stories