DOMAINE JACQUES SELOSSE | From Visionary to Living Legend

Some wine stories don’t need any technical facts. This is one of them. The most cited name when it comes to grower champagnes doesn’t need much explanation or introduction. Some call him a genius, others call him a hippie. He’s known as a visionary, rebel, dreamer and philosopher. Most people adore him, and a few envy him, but no other name arouses as many contrasting reactions as Anselme Selosse.

Growing up, Anselme Selosse sees the struggle of his parents who run a domain located in Avize, right in the heart of the Côte des Blancs. Their life as viticulturists isn’t easy; making a living from grapes is hard-earned money at this time. Anselme has no thoughts of a future spent following his parents along the path of the family domain, but instead dreams of entering the world of science. “I’ve always been a scientist,” says Anselme, describing his younger self. “Numbers and logic links have always attracted me.” His interest leads him to begin scientific studies which initially take him to Burgundy. What he sees and experiences there, though, brings him a lot closer to his family roots than he could have ever imagined.

Fascinated by the world of wine and traditions of Burgundy, and the respect and unbreakable link between humans and their terroirs, he starts to see wine production in a new light. The time he spends in Burgundy turns out to be a groundbreaking experience for Anselme Selosse and inspires him to change his plans. He ends up quitting his scientific studies to go to viticultural school in Beaune and learns all about the magic of soils, grapes, and viticulture. He still recalls this as one of the most inspirational moments during his search for individuality.



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Stefanie is the founder and chief editor of CUVÉE Magazine. Epicurean at heart and wine professional in life, she writes about all things wine and food that pamper her palate. Living in Champagne and holding the Champagne Master Level Certificate as well as WSET certificates, she can't stop discovering new bottles and the stories behind the labels.

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