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It was his ancestor, Pol Auguste Couronne – born in the so-called cradle of champagne, Hautvillers, in 1862 – whose name has been chosen by Jean-Baptiste Prévost to represent his champagnes. His ancestor created his own champagne brand in 1887 and inspired the young winemaker to continue the family heritage and revive the ancient spirit of Pol Couronne with his family vineyards and and his newly founded domain.

Established in the Vallée de la Marne for three generations, Jean-Baptiste grew up among the vines of Jonquery, watching his grandfather work the soils.

“I’ve always loved nature,” Jean-Baptiste Prévost recounts, “and becoming a vigneron has been a dream for a long time, although my grandfather didn’t get tired of telling me how much work it was to be a vigneron. But I really enjoyed spending time with him, watching how he did things.”

Jean-Baptiste, however, chooses a different career path at first and goes into Law and Finance Management Marketing. With open-minded curiosity and a great thirst to discover the world, he works in several luxury brand positions in Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid, and later moves to Hong Kong as the Financial Advisor for a major champagne house group.

“I really liked working internationally in the world of luxury goods and brands,” he says. Far away from Champagne and his family vineyards, he finally understands the full importance and meaning of Champagne to foreign markets, as well as to his personal life.

“The wine and champagne business was just exploding when I was in Hong Kong,” he remembers. “It was impressive for me to see how much interest and respect there was for the region I called home.” Jean-Baptiste slowly but surely becomes conscious that he wants to return to his roots in France and find his place in the Champagne business.

Champagne Pol Couronne

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Coming back to France around two years later, Jean-Baptiste Prévost briefly works for a bank in Paris and then returns to his family roots in Champagne, where he and a partner eventually found Wine Ambassadors – a company to represent and promote a selection of interesting champagne producers to international markets.

The real turning point, however, comes in 2013 when his son is born and his life starts changing rapidly. He starts reflecting more and more about his future and what he wants to create and achieve in life. His dreams of becoming a vigneron vaguely return to his mind. In 2014, when his mother goes through a difficult time facing illness, thoughts about the future of the family vineyards in Jonquery and his mother’s domain inevitably impose themselves on the family. The brutal thought of eventually seeing the savoir-faire and family heritage disappear hurts him, and Jean-Baptiste decides to commit to keeping this heritage alive.



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