A Delicious New Yellow for the Chablis Issue

It took me quite a few weeks and endless hours of smelling, swirling and tasting to decide which color would be most suitable for the next CUVÉE Magazine issue on Chablis. 

The first shoes I thought of were including more green reflexes, a slightly crisper shade of yellow. However, tasting a delicious bandwidth of mostly 2014 and 2015 vintage wines, as well as a series of perfectly aged Chablis, I have noticed this unctuous, very soft and delicate yet discerned shade of a pastel yellow. And after some digits trials, holding my favorite wines against a bright yellow screen idea, I have finally found the perfect Chablis yellow. 

I have been lucky to discuss it with a few producers and couldn’t be happier they all agreed with my choice. 

Now that the issue has a distinct color, it is much more satisfying to write the articles to be decorated with it. Even though a few more editorial choices are still out in the open. But that’s the thrill of making a magazine. 

So hang on in there while I give my best – in a few weeks from here it will be printed. Have you pre-ordered your magazine yet? In case you missed it just hop over to our shop so you’ll be among the first addresses we will send off in July! 

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Stefanie is the founder and chief editor of CUVÉE Magazine. Epicurean at heart and wine professional in life, she writes about all things wine and food that pamper her palate. Living in Champagne and holding the Champagne Master Level Certificate as well as WSET certificates, she can't stop discovering new bottles and the stories behind the labels.

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