CUVÉE NO. 1 | CHAMPAGNE has finally launched!

Taking a coffee break with the magazine you once dreamed of is something very special. Yes, two years ago I dreamed of a magazine like the one I have created now.

Funny enough to finally hold the perfect bound version in my hands after all these months of work and dedication. Long work nights, worn out minds, hurting fingers from all the artwork, hours of doubt and self-critical thinking, as well as frustrated tears in the middle of a desperate technical breakdown were part of the journey.

However, I made it here, to this point where I can hold the magazine I’ve always longed for, in my hands. It has a name, a very special haptic and is filled with many thousands of letters and many magical pictures. Being all in one, a chief editor, author, graphic designer and producer at the same time – demands a high resistance against lots of nerve-wracking pressure from all sides – especially the one you put on yourself. So I needed a few days of distance to the baby after I had signed the last approval at the print shop. But when the final issues finally arrived shortly after, I was almost too nervous to open the box. Before doing so, I had to open a bottle of champagne and then celebrated the arrival of CUVÉE No. 1 | CHAMPAGNE.

And two days later, after the first exciting sales discussions with specialized magazine and wine shops, I sat down to read my own magazine. In all serenity, just me, CUVÉE and a coffee. Come have a look into the first issue!

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Stefanie is the founder and chief editor of CUVÉE Magazine. Epicurean at heart and wine professional in life, she writes about all things wine and food that pamper her palate. Living in Champagne and holding the Champagne Master Level Certificate as well as WSET certificates, she can't stop discovering new bottles and the stories behind the labels.

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